Juli 24, 2011

Beauteouz musix in bad timez.

Dearezt readerz! In thiz horrible timez, I found something beautiful to hear. Reading firzt on Terra Canaillo, Joseph Canaillo's post about the sad newz from Oslo, I dizcovered also on his site the songz of The Kift, Joseph put in his so called 'Canaillo's Sunday Matinee'. Their music is beauteouz. My hair stood on end! So I looked lida bit in the internet afta thiz band. They come from Holland anda hava their originz in the dutch punk scene (!). They exist since 1988. I looked at their website, and I saw one of the most stunning sitez viewed in the last yearz. German would call it a 'Gesamtkunstwerk', anda ofcourse I viewed some of their musicvideoz. Here you will hear same song as on Terra Canaillo, but in an official musicvideo-version. This video is so well done, like their fantastic website. Enjoy it: you can watch it three timez - firzt time viewing thiz amazing video, second time reading the subtitlez, if you donta speak dutch, and third time just hearing thiz pulchritudinouz musix. Anda ofcourse: hearing it the fourth time, you taka your love anda dance togetha! Overstreamingz!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you dear Marat,
for your also beauteous Blogpost. Good Energy within bad times...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Inderdaad, deze website is geniaaaal, nooit zo iets gezien! Waar je ook heenkijkt, alles is in beweging en vol van verrassingen!
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