Oktober 27, 2010

Marat newz from tropix

Dearezt readerz! Afta being with Canailloz in wilderness landz in the South of Americas, hearing olde fantastzic stories anda viewing olde paintingz from human-stone-timez,  I wenta back in the Terra Canaillo South home, speaking with the plantz ana animalz in jungle and justa relaxing in sun. On one of the pix you see me with Mestre Jaime, he is great shaman of the village here. We could talkabout lotz of Uribistani anda otha mysteriez. Dizcovered again: Spirit is everywhere. 

On this pic I'm in Terra C. House entrance hall, they hava lotz of fine artz here anda also Uribi style elementz, so I can feel at home.

Overstreamingz anda peace to everybody!


Plus hat gesagt…

Why do you still have Shoes on yor Feet? Are tehre no Reasons to throw them away?

Aussen und Innen hat gesagt…

In America, they do have Poison Ivy. Europeans should always wear shoes, although you are immune for about five years or so.

barbara2 hat gesagt…

das ist ja mal nett, um jahre jünger und schlanker, welch geheimer tropensaft hat da gewirkt?

M(ar)at Gundo Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearezt +, hava you ever tried to drive olde jeepy barfood on some jungle trailz?

Barbara-girl: thiz is south-american magix juice, thanx!

Out-In: hello! Yes, shoes!

Overstreamingz to all, Marat Tchundyk Gundo

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Brotha!
Southamericained magix juice!!!! Be careful!!!!
I woulda love to be with you now hanging around strolling around barfood in jungle.
Dear in and out in America they hava rattlesnakes and rednecks very dangerous thingies they donta care whther you barfood or nota!
Say helo to all flowers Marat!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk

Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

und den Bart immer im Reisegepäck!
gute Reise!