Mai 28, 2009

Tulpan - a film which simple people willa lova

Magash my fränds male, female and animale,
thisa film from our brother state Kasakhstan, Kasakhi autorities said this isa even worse than my cousins Borats film.
It isa so important to value the brotherhood of man male female and animale. It is the impulse of Assisis groundwork for finding a relatiion to our colleagues who also inhabit our beautiful planet. I ama at the moment talking to big spirit ofa my garden snails. I talka : Pleasa leava my salad go and eata burning nettle plant or the flowers of my evil neighbor or just ifa I am nota balanced in my four anthropop Booties. Just piss off or I ask big black crow brother to eat you up or maka minced meata outa of you!
Talk with your Animal. Have you talked to your pet today?
His Holiness
Murat Joy Tchundyk
Here Link to maker ofa film.


Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

reliefed to get any news from you!
nice movie, Buddha had big ears too.
my dog talks a lot to me (and others!)

Maurulam hat gesagt…

So nice to see you again! St Francis liked talking to the animals too. Especially the birds and parriots.