Februar 22, 2012

Uribistan Holiday Trailer Take One ( with HH MJT)

Come with me sing along to feel the heart of our nation come and celibrate with our national Archangel Fatimah. Be open Do it Now!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk


Anonym hat gesagt…

Was für eine tolle ausgefeilte Kameraführung!

M(ar)at Gundo Tchundyk hat gesagt…

My Eyez ara weeping, thinking about my beloved Uribistan, so far on road in thiz world. Ofcourse, I can go through Magix Gate anda be back in our hillz, but still, thiz video is full of desire anda nostalgia to great momentz in my country - thinking about Fatimah anda camelz...
Overstreamingz to Uribistan, to my singin' bastradbrotha Murat, to Fatimah, to phantastic hillz of Uribistan Highlandz, to Uribistan musicianz, Uribi peoplez anda to all readerz of Uribistan Daily!
Yourz Marat Tchundyk Gundo

AUI hat gesagt…

Ich weiss noch, wie ihr das Blogbeing großzüchten wolltet.