Oktober 20, 2011

The end of Gaddafi

Magash! I don't want to watch those videoz with the former dictator, pleading for his life, moaning and getting killed.*) Like so many of his victimz have pleaded for their lifes, and hava been tortured and killed. I don't want to see these primitive revenge imagez. I've never watched the video of the hangin' of Saddam.
If I want to see a dictator moaning an getting killed, I go in the theatre, I go to a cinema, watching a Shakespeare-movie, made by Kenneth Branagh. That's real life, and it's much better for the harmony of the soul.
*) what about hiz friendz, they joked with him, drank tea with him under canvas, did some business with him, are they weaping now, unseen? What about you Nicolas, Sylvio, Gerhard and Joschka?

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