September 18, 2010

What about those poor men and women in the Fascistic Nazirepublic of Iran?

In the year 2009 lotz of people went out in the streetz in Teheran and otha citiez for more democracy in this fascistic Mullah State of Iran. Let us stay one moment with this courageouz and brave men and women. And thinka about them. 

What happened with them? Where are they now? What are they doing? Laying in Iranian prisonz: suffering, being tortured, raped, humiliated and killed. Now, in this moment, reading this wordz, this happenz. 
Some people say, oh, this is just pro-western propaganda - but, just speak with those people, escaped from the Ahmadinedschad-terror regime, and listen, how terrible it is. Sick gouvernments, sick religionz, sick peoplez, you find them everywhere in thiz sick world - but now in Iran, a lot of sickness is concentrated, lika in Djermanistan between 1933 and 1945, in Stalintimez in the UdSSR anda in Chile in monster Pinochet-timez. 


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Seems they dont know the Power of Nonviolent Resistance - Spiritual Resistance. They dont know the Power of Bewusstseinsseele. Could you trust in nonviolental Resistance?

M(ar)at Gundo Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Ofcourse - but firzt you hava to teach them thiz possibility. Fact is: greatezt part of the violence - physical anda in the mindz - comez from the state anda in THIZ moment peoplez are suffering hard in Iranian prisonz. Let us think about them, never forget them and a send peace to everybody, also to the blinded fanatic guardianz.
Overstreamingz, Marat Tchundyk Gundo

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Very well. I am going to pray for them, because this is the best help. And if we don't do anything, they will surely free themselves.

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"Einen Fluß kann man überbrücken, einen Brunnen zudecken, ein Feuer löschen, wer aber vermöchte den Mund eines Volkes zum Schweigen zu bringen?"

Vietnamesisches Sprichwort

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What about those poor men and women in the Fantastic US-Colony of Germanistan?